Saturday, November 23, 2013

Missing You and Easy Sunday

I cannot believe how long we've been gone and it's all the lady's fault. She says her work has been keeping her too busy these last few weeks. Now it's been so long that I can't remember all the things I've done since I last posted. In no certain order:
  • I caught a millipede
  • Slept in the pillow case and laughed to myself when the lady couldn't find me and was calling and calling
  • Scooted my bum across the floor to get a dry, pesky you-know-what off my bum
  • Watched the birds and trees for a few hours every morning, sometimes all day
  • Snubbed several different cans of food
  • Gained close to a pound in spite of the above and the lady is very unhappy about this one
  • Woke the lady up very early every single morning without fail
Now I'm off to see what I've missed with all of you. Happy Easy Sunday!


  1. Hi Annie !
    Sure nice to see you again and hear about what you have been up to :)

  2. Haha, love the bum-scoot. Nicki says it's even better when the you-know-what isn't dry. LOL.

    You've sure been busy, though! We hope you're all well. :-)

  3. Well I sure missed you Annie Bear! But it's obvious you've not been idle!! MOL xox

  4. Oh oh oh...we can't decide which one of you activities was the BEST! We think we'll go with the pillowcase caper...

  5. We've been missing you pretty Annie!

  6. Hello Annie we've missed you. so glad you're back. It sure sounds like you've been very busy with all of your activities!!!

  7. Hi Annie! We have missed you! Sounds like you have been a very busy girl.

  8. Annie, we're so happy to see you. You've been busy!! :)

  9. Hi Annie sounds like you've been busy too,good to see you!xx Speedy

  10. You've been so busy! No wonder the Lady and you had no time to post!Now we're happy to see you back to some routine and we'll have news from you more regularly.
    Happy sunday!

  11. Hello beau rouquin !!!
    Je vois que tu es en pleine forme ! Je t'envoie pleins de caresses de France.
    Bisous à ta Maman.

  12. Awwww Annie!!! You have been most active!! Awww we hope you find treats you love and enjoy while you watch your fabulous bird TV! Yay! Take care

  13. Sweet Annie, you have been a busy girl. You sure look pretty in the sunshine.

  14. nice ta see ewe bak annie....N leeve it ta de food serviss peepulz ta mess up de kittehz social life....we all reeeeeeeely knead ta werk on gettin R own internetz N computerz net werk huh !!! heerz ta a happee monday N ham :)

  15. Oh you've been busy busy!
    Miss Kitty


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