Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Stuff

I went to the doctor again yesterday. I go every Friday because they have to check my cast and re-do the bandage.
I'm waiting for the doctor to come in. Sorry about the worse-than-usual picture quality.

I've been having a lot of litterbox problems. I'll go in the box over and over again and cry. I do this all throughout the day and night. It turns out I'm full of it...poop, that is. They asked Mama to leave me there for a few hours because they needed to do lots of things to me. I had to have (gasp) an enema. I also have another urinary tract infection. I now have more pills than you can shake a paw at. I have my regular hyper-t and blood pressure pills and now have antibiotics, poop pills and pain medication. It's not easy being an older lady.
Today, it's been six weeks exactly since I got the cast. They took an x-ray of my paw and it's still not completely healed. Mama wants to celebrate when the cast comes off. I'm hoping for a cast removal party with turkey, ham and marshmallows.

Happy weekend!


  1. Hi Lucy !
    Now I have been catching up a lot of blogpost´s back to see what on earth had happened to your front paw ??
    I´m so glad that you didn´t hurt your self worser than you did from that fall !!
    Excuse me if my grammars are all wrong and I hope you understand what I mean :)

  2. We'll start sending extra purrs, purrayers, and healing thoughts your way! That was a terrible fall you had and we are so glad you're still with us. Hope you're feeling better soon. Let us know when to plan that pawty. xoxoxo

  3. I hope you'll have your party soon!You seem to be so quiet on that table.. Jim and Chestnut are mad when being there, and we're often 3 people to hold them!!
    Have a nice week-end, all of you!

  4. poor Lucy - getting old isn't for wimps......we hope you are feeling better quick!!

  5. Poor Lucy. No, sweetie, it's not easy getting older. We're continuing to send purrs and purrayers.

  6. Aw Lucy, you poor cat. I hope you are all better very soon. Hugs, Deb

  7. Lucy, we're so thankful your Mom takes such good care of an old biddy kitty like you! It IS hard getting old. Our Felix gets a pinch of Miralax in his food every day to help keep his trains running on works wonders! Maybe your vet might think it would help for you.

  8. Lucy, you been through so much. I hope the legs heals soon so the cast can be castaway and the party commences! Hang in there.

  9. oh sweet sweet Lucy.. I'm so sorry to hear things were flowing as they should. I so hope it all comes out well in the end.

    Sending you healing purrs for that foot, and may you be right as rain quicker than you can say marshmallows please (marshmallows? really?? heck I suppose if that is what you want, that is what you shall have my lady!)

  10. I hope you get better soon! You deserve all those delicious treats and more. :)

  11. Oh Lucy! We're sorry you're having poop and pee issues. Y'know, Zoey has had poop and pee issues. The mom has switched her to completely canned grain free food only and she adds lots of water to it. Zoey also gets a little Miralax in her food and she takes cisapride now. She still doesn't poop everyday but she hasn't had any pee issues lately.

    We sure hope you are feeling better soon. We're ready to party with you!!

  12. Ahh, Lucy, I am sorry you are going thru all that. I think even with that yucky old cast on, you are quite beautiful! You oughta have ALL the marshmellows you can muster to celebrate!


  13. OMCs Lucy what in the world happened to your precious paw...
    I guess it is hard to use the box properly when you cannot dig in it.
    Dear me surely when the cast comes of you can get back to your normal routine.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  14. Oh my Lucy, you sure are going through a lot right now. I hope all the things the doctor is doing to help you makes you feel better real soon! I'm sure you will be glad when the cast is gone (and so will Mama!)

    Happy New Year.

  15. Oh..poor Lucy, leg and then ...litter problem, I send lots of lots of purrs to you my dear. and I hope you feel better so soon
    And many many hugs to your mom.
    Paws crossed and Purrs
    Lots of love

  16. oh Lucy my sweet friend, I'm so sorry for all these problems, poor girl. I'm praying and sending lots of love to you. I wish you a faster recover!


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