Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hi! This has been a crazy week for Mama.  Her work was threatening her sanity. Thankfully, the work week is over! In this picture it looks like I'm trying to hold on to the sun beams. Well, it's supposed to get cold next week so I'm trying to store up the sunshine.  Also, later next week is when I have to go to the cold, unforgiving jail cat spa while *they* have fun.

I got this fun award from Katie Isabella. I know everyone knows Katie. She is such a hoot but also she and her mom are sweet friends. The premise of this award is that I'm supposed to talk about something that I want to celebrate. Well, I want to celebrate something that is actually a little embarrassing. We haven't talked about it but I stopped going number one in the litter box about 10 months ago. I go in, but I don't crouch down so it all goes out and in front of the box. When Mama mentioned it to my vet in California, the vet hugged me and said, "Don't blame her!" Mama and I thought that was so sweet. Mama was quick to reassure her that she and Papa don't get mad at me (but they do get exasperated).  I'm celebrating that Dr. Diane loved me and didn't make me feel bad for this.

Papa has to shampoo the rugs this weekend because Mama's parents are coming over right after they all come back from their little get-away. Mama and I are ready to hear some grumbling from him. :)


  1. When we had that problem with our Abigail, only it be #2 - yummy - but runny :(, mom got the doggie litter boxes coz they is like twice as big as the biggest kitteh box with high sides and a cut-out wot even handicapped Claude could use to get in with no problems. Even though Abigail be long gone now, my kittehs still use the doggie litter boxes. I was just googling to find you a picture but they must not make them any more coz my snooter could not find it.

  2. What about those doggie training pads, pee pads? Would they help, around the litter box? Not sure how big your box is, Lucy!

    Concats on the award!

  3. Maybe your knees hurt a little? We have a 20 year old kitty friend who's boarding here and she sometimes has little "accidents" because she doesn't crouch enough. But Mommy says it's all part of getting older. :) We agree with Fuzzy Tales. Have you tried some kind of bed pads (the ones for humans are cheaper) and put the litter box on top of it? Mommy uses it to line under Bernie's cage because sometimes his aiming gets a little haywire. MOL.
    Congratulations on your nippy award!

  4. Lucy, y'know sometimes I go outside the box too...well, actually, I think I'm going in the box, but my butt is hanging on the edge and some of the "you know what" ends up on the floor. It makes the lady with the yellow hair so frustrated because she has to clean it up and she says getting the smell out is hard. Others have given you and your mom some ideas...we hope one of them works for you.

    And we're sorry your humans are going away...but think of your trip to the "spa" as an adventure!

  5. Lucy, your Mom is lucky that she knows what makes her crazy. Our peeps are just plain old NUTS!
    We have high-sided boxes to help with 'hangovers'. Felix has a little problem squatting with his bum knee.

  6. Sweet Lucy....
    You've got a very warm and understanding Vet. I bet it's just part of getting older and can tell your mom and dad understand and love you. Those pee pads sound like a great idea.

  7. Sending lots of purrs to you, Lucy, mom and dad.
    Being handicapped, we (usually Kenggy) always have 'accidents' but then our litter boxes are in the tiled yard so our human wash the area.

    When our late Cinders was allowed in the house proper, pee pads were placed at strategic spots. As her dementia progressed, pet diapers were used.

  8. I am so glad you took your award and blogged for us. Sweetheart, would ou use a hooded box?

  9. Lucy, my iPad froze on me and I didn't get to finish my comment. Would you consider a hooded box? Mommy was forced to get me one because even tho I am young, I never leardned to squat apparently and I let 'er fly. Mom had a lot of pee to clean up and she also used puppy pads till the idea of a hooded box came up. She was afraid I wouldn't use it, but I did. xoxoxoxo


  11. Concats on your award! Maybe you would like newspaper? Sometimes Julie goes in the box, sometimes she uses newspaper. Who knows why?

  12. A deserved award, and a lovely story about your vet. Jim and Chestnut don't like to go to the vet, but once they're there , they don't say anything more, as Dr Joëlle is very nice and kind, and always hugs them a lot!

  13. Hi sweet Lucy. We are so glad that your mom and dad are patient with your poop landing where it's not supposed to.

    We've missed blogging with you. Mama has troubles commenting and posting. She has to keep reloading and she gets grumpy and quits.

    Peanut, Marshmallow, Ruby and Pearlene


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