Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beautiful and Sweet

Happiness is a dirty laundry basket
Annie just loves being in a laundry basket. I apologize upfront for the dirty laundry but be happy there are no underthings in there. Really, Annie went in on her own and then proceeded to purr up a storm. 

We've received some awards from our friends and one of the rewards went to Annie directly.

First, we received the Beautiful Blogger award from our newest friends, Sherlock, Traveler and Ash at Feline Purr-spective. They are such sweet kitties, obviously well loved and all rescues.We are enjoying getting to them.

 We received the One Sweet Blog award from two friends, Twinkletoe Tails and Furries of Whisppy.

We just adore the gang at Twinkletoe Tails: Oui Oui, Mica Minnie Moo, Julie and Carl. Their blog is so fun to read. Mama and I love their tales and tails. They gave this award specifically to Annie because they "love her so". I have to admit that is super sweet and it made Mama really happy. Mama just loves that they love Annie and took a special interest in her from the first day she came to us. Annie is always about, either doing her rounds, eating, sleeping in the storage closet, waiting for Necko Fly to come out and play, eating or growling when someone knocks on the door, so we're blogging for her.

The kitties and their mom at the Furries of Whisppy are so awesome. They're our friends and they are a lively bunch! Oh, plus there's Whisky, the adorable white doggie, and Bernie, the now three-legged bunny. They are so kind to homeless animals they find, getting them vet care and neutered.

We really appreciate these awards!


  1. Concats on all of those awards! Well deserved!

    Minchie loves laying in the dirty laundry basket here. He would love to join you in yours, Annie!

  2. concats on the awards. our mom doesn't leave laundry in baskets, so we will have to presume that this is a good thing.....

  3. Concats from us on the awards! Our human doesn't leave her laundry basket out in the open, either, but Nicki can open the sliding bedroom closet door, so he often will get in and topple the basket over. :-)

  4. Congratulations on the awards! We love you guys so much!

  5. Hello darlings. Congratulations on all of your well deserved awardies. Kissies to you. xoxoxox

  6. what else in your house smells more potently of you and yours but your laundry?

    Congratulations on your awards :)

  7. Wow, all those awards! Concatulations! Pawsonally, I like sleeping with one of mom's stinky shoes. Not two (too stinky), just one. Mebbe that be coz I cannot fit in the laundry basket. If you can't go to the laundry, bring the laundry to you, that be wot I say.

  8. Annie, you look very content there in that basket! Congrats on all your awards!!

  9. And Mommy loves Romans 8:1 Fanks you.

  10. Concats on your much deserved awardie. I was gonna pass the 'one sweet blog' award to you as well.

  11. Hey great news, concatulations for the award!
    Annie is a clever friend, and sweet...and beautiful...and really cute!

  12. Congratulations on your 2 awards!!
    You do very beautiful and sweet!!!

  13. Thanks for saying such sweet things about us! We love you all (of course, Annie is our special sweetie). We are so glad you are back in action!

    The mom's first cat, Leia, loved dirty laundry, particularly smelly socks and would drag a dozen of them (if there was that many) all over the house at night, while calling like she would for her kittens. Undies would do in a pinch. Finally we have to get a covered laundry basket so we could get some sleep!

  14. Oooo....we love the laundry too, but only clean ones!

    Garlic & Ginger


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