Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hooray for the Weekend

I'm waiting here for my Fancy Feast to be dished up for breakfast.  One good thing about Annie coming to live here is that we now get only fishy Fancy Feast because that's all Annie will eat.
Sadly, Mama had to go back to work this week.  She says it was crazy.  I'm sure lots of you are in the same boat.  That's why I am so glad it's the weekend!  Mama wants to relax, read, watch movies and go for a walk or two.  I like to join her for the first three.  However, she has lots of running around to do too.  Well, I don't.  I'll be in the bed or the ham-mick.  What plans do you have?


  1. I wished I could have the same plans, but I am a human, but my cats have !!

  2. WE are going to spend the weekend sleeping, eating, playing, watching the activities at the back alley...but Mommy's got a really busy weekend nursing Mr White and cooking for us! Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. pesky work always gets in the way. so dang annoying. But, without the work there would be no Fancy Feast, and the Fancy Feast must be!

  4. What a terrific shot of you!

    Yes, the first week back after almost two off was ridiculously long and dreary for our mom, stuck at a computer all day. Bleh. So her plans this weekend are much the same as your mom's, with knitting, knitting, knitting too. :-)

    Smooches to you all!

  5. ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    :::snort snort::::

    I'm definitely working on my Z's!


  6. Hi there Lucy, fishy Fancy Feast. Can't get any better than that. Yummy. We are just busy doing our Yoga moves this week end. Hope you get in some good naps. Take care.

  7. Wow! You get a chair at the table? We must speak to our staff, they are slipping.

    We're gonna watch football this weekend!

  8. Firstly, that is the most GORGEOUS shot of Lucy!!
    And yeah, same for us I'm afraid... I leave for work in the dark, and return in the dark.
    So what have we done so far this weekend? Well... a little bit of housework, but mostly snuggles on the sofa with Sookie and Mr D!

  9. Hi Lucy,

    We are watching Mama take down the Christmas stuff. Some strange reason she doesn't want our help! Oh well, she doesn't know what she's missing!
    We send our purrs and woofs to you
    and hello and hugs to your mom.

  10. Hi Lucy! My plans are more like yours than your Mama's.

  11. OMC Lucy I'm a fancy feast girl too. I love all the flavors of the Classic F.F. but seafood is my fav and I will not eat sliced or grilled.

    Happy weekend to you and Mom. Since my mom retired she says every day is Saturday.
    Hugs from MADI

  12. well, you have the best of plans sweet Lucy and I get to enjoy seeing your beautiful self.

    xoxoxox Mom Carole

  13. I tried hard to keep peace and order in the house while mom woz out today but I could not stop Dixie from nomming on mom's bedspread and she made a hole and pulled stuffing guts out of the bedspread. I knew mom woz not going to be happy when she got home and gess wot? I woz rite. Dixie hanged her head in shame while mom gibbed her a stern talking to. Can you beleef Dixie be almost 13 and still sometimes does unauthorized artwerk with her teefs? I think I come ofur to your place fur relaxin, k?

  14. Oh Lucy you are a doll, so beautiful picture and I love your header!
    Here our plans for the weekend is almost the same, but mammy says she can walk much outside, because the awful weather, it's raining every day!
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    purrs and love

  15. As i'm reading this, week-end is already over here.. A short trip near the frontier with Italy, and a lot of work putting the Xmas decos back in boxes..I'm wishing a lot of courage and energy to Your Ma, Lucy, take a good care of her, some hugs from you will surely help! :o)

  16. Iza will only eat fishy fancy feast too
    one of the few things Siren likes about her, now he gets to eat it

    you look very lady like perched on your dining chair Lucy

  17. Hi ya, Lucy! Our mom had to go back to work last week too...and she was not happy about it. We're just glad she was home with us this weekend and we snuggled with her.

    Enjoy your Fancy Feast!

  18. Lucy, you look so sweet waiting for your food. The only thing Oui Oui likes is fishy pate (but not salmon). The mom worries its too much fish. Do you think its ok?

  19. My mom have been working ALL weekend :(
    But today she is free from work and we are doing absolutely nothing :)

  20. Feel for your Mama going back to work Lucy! I returned last week after such a lovely break, really don't like getting back into the routine. Looking forward to this weekend aswell, Big Hug!

  21. You look relaxed Lucy. Have a great weekend!

  22. It was our mommy's b-day on Friday. So we will be celebrating today. Very nice photo!


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