Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Toys and Stuff

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We got a couple toys and some Temptations treats from our grammy.  You can see our new wooly fish and blue mousie in this picture.  We also got a green toy on a stick for Annie who only likes interactive toys that Mama has drag around for her (between you and me, Mama says it's boring but it's the only way to tire Annie out).
A few weeks ago, I talked about this cat bed that Mama got from her work for free.  She got it for Annie's recovery after her surgery but Annie never used it.  Simba claimed it for a few days, but all in all it has been sitting empty.  Well, last night Papa put Annie in it and forced her to sit in it for about a minute.  Annie very rarely sits still and never finds a comfy spot for herself.  She mainly paces around the house. She can never relax!  That's why it's so shocking that she's now going in the bed on her own.
Sadly, she still hasn't actually slept in it. She has to constantly look around.  Some good news is that she and I have been sleeping with Mama at night and I haven't been hissing at her (for the most part).

Oh, I got some ham for Christmas.  Mama brought it back from Christmas dinner at her sister's house.  It was so good!


  1. mmmmm....ham....

    That is a nice bed and we hope Lucy learns to like it!!

  2. Okay, the bit that got us was the ham bit...hey Mommy, where's OUR ham?
    That bed looks so comfy. Maybe Annie doesn't use it to sleep coz it's out in the open? Could you put it in a nice little quiet corner where she can possibly feel more secure?

  3. I don't know who says that women are moody, cats are worse especially when it comes to napping places they are very creative !

  4. Ham is really good. We had some for Catmass too. Papa made it in the oven, we watched and waited for it to cook.

    Emma and Buster

  5. Sounds like Santa was good to you! Good stuffs indeed!

    Two things that might help Annie use the bed more - for a time put a heating pad on low under the cushion. And/or sprinkle a little cat nip in the bed!

  6. Lucy
    That looks like such a great bed, we hope that you can find a moment to relax and sleep in it. We are so glad to hear you had a good Christmas.

  7. OMD, Lucy, you got HAM? You is soooo lucky. I think Annie should spend more time in that bed. It offsets the colors of her furs furry nicely. Glad you all made out with lots of loot from your grammy.

  8. Guess what, Lucy? We had ham for Christmas, too! Yum yum!! Christmas is the best, isn't it? So nice that Annie likes her new bed - even if she hasn't actually slept in it yet. You did a good post...lots of good information. Happy New Year to you from Buster, Rudy, Sam and Cindy, too!

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday Lucy! My Annie had rotisserie chicken and she was very happy. She likes ham too. Love that cat bed. Annie is so silly not to sleep in it. Maybe if you use it she will be jealous and then want it for herself. hehe
    Wishing you and your entire family a very Happy New Year!
    Elisa @ Pesky Cat Designs

  10. We like that bed! It might just take a little time for Annie to get used to it. Glad you all had a great Christmas!!

  11. We got tunas, no ham, boo hoo! We have a bed like that and we avoided it like the plague until Mommy put a blanket in it. That's just the way we roll!

  12. We are very glad that everyone at your house had a Merry Christmas. It's good that Lucy and Annie are starting to sleep on the bed with no hissing.

    Lucy I bet you like the ham! Peanut and Marshmallow have no interest in human food except for the water off canned tuna and Peanut likes to take tiny licks of peanut butter. Meat? no they sniff and walk away.

  13. Ham, mmmmmmm, sorry, we drifted off fur a minute! Annie might still sleep in her bed, but if she uses it fur her safe place, it's still worth haffin.

  14. Annie, that does look like a comfy bed. Maybe you will get so you like it. It just takes time to get used to each other. Glad you two are sleeping with Mom. Take care and a Happy New Year.

  15. Annie will settle down I'm sure
    she has been through a lot after all
    I'm glad there is less hissing
    you're a good girl Lucy

    Happy New Year to all

  16. We got turkey for Christmas, not HAM! Annie sure is a live wire, isn't she? Mica Moo takes forever to settle down for the night too! It drives the mom crazy.

  17. Tehee, well even if she isn't sleeping in it, it looks like Annie is enjoying her bed finally!
    Please stop by my blog, I've given you a well deserved award :)

  18. Ham for Christmas sounds wonderful. We wish you a very happy 2012!

  19. My mom tried to give me ham for catmas but I didn´t eat it !
    Me and dad hope that mom will make Turkey for dinner some day soon !!
    Great that Santa Paws brought you some new toy´s too !!
    Annie I think your bed lookes really comfy !
    Good thing that you now can sleep together in your mom´s bed without constant hissings :)

  20. So many treats at Christmas Lucy! Looks like Annie is enjoying the comforts of her home, very good news! A very Happy New Year to you all!

  21. Lucy that is one fine looking bed...surely Annie will soon realize it fits her purrfectly and free up some of Mom's night time.
    I love ham too but I only get a pinch when the peeps take it out of the fridge.
    Hugs Madi

  22. MOL your bed looks like a boat, Annie : )
    My dad's tip to make me love the bed. Daddy have to sit on the bed and let's his smell go through my bed and then I will love to sleep on it.

    And thanks so much for your comment, my mom feel lots better. She never leave me this long.


    Jail Boy

  23. Annie, that nice bed is so big and roomy. And it's furry pretty. I hope you like it soon. We had ham too, but I just ate 2 tiny pieces. My TN brother brought it to us with other fuds.
    We wish you all a Happy New Year.
    xoxo Kassey


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