Friday, July 29, 2011


I know it's been a very long time, and Mama and I really appreciate some of the notes we've received checking in on us. As maybe you already know, we moved from Pennsylvania back to Southern California, which is our home.  I arrived with Mama and Simba on May 19.  We stayed at Mama's mama's house (Grammy) for two weeks while we waited for the movers to arrive.  Papa drove our car across country during that time.
This is a picture from April.  You can see a packing box, but I wanted to show you my pink claw.  I think you may need to biggify the picture to see it.  Mama bought Soft Paws to put on our claws. She was worried that Simba and I might claw Grammy's furniture.  See, Grammy and Pappy have lots of really nice furniture and Mama was so worried that we would outwear our welcome.  Grammy and Pappy aren't used to kitties.  Pappy bought us a scratchy pad and we only used that.  They loved having us there and everything worked out well.  Back to the one pink claw: that's the only one that stayed on after the torture session of applying them.
I'm modeling my new collar that Mama bought me for the trip.  You can see my pink claw here too.

I picked these funny pictures of Simba because his bottom looks big.  He's really quite slim (makes me sick), so I couldn't resist.

We have missed blogging and even more, our blogging friends, terribly.  Mama's job is very busy and we probably will only be able to post on the weekends.



  1. I was just thinking of you as I was washing the car, telling myself, your "next week" is here! And when I got back to my computer, there you are! :)

    I had a good laugh imagining your Mama capping your nails and having only one remain after all the trouble. MOL.

    I'm so happy your move went smoothly, that Grammy and Pappy enjoyed your company, and just to see you and Simba again!

    Welcome back!!

  2. Lucy, it's so nice to see you back again and to know you're all fine! Our mom lurks on your dad's photo blogs, so we know he's been around. LOL.

    *Smooches* from us all!

  3. Glad you are back Lucy! I'm sure you and your family are happy to be home again.

  4. OMG it's soooo good to see you and your pink paws. I'm so glad you made the trip safely and didn't do anything to grammy and pappy's house. LOL don't skinny butts just make you wanna go pfffft especially when it's not yours LOL Glad your back :)

  5. Lucy! You is back! How wonnerful! I missed, missed, missed you! And here you and Simba woz hasing a wild and crazee time ofur at your Grammy and Pappy's! Glad you got all moved OK but now my mom and your mom will nefur run into each udder coz you be way too far away!

  6. LUCY!!! We about fell over when we saw your comment yesterday, we were so happy! Thank goodness your moving is over with and you are back in SoCal. We laughed about your pink claw, at least your Mom got you a feminine color, ha ha ha! Did big-bum Simba get blue?
    And did we mention we're so happy you're back?
    Cuz we are!

  7. Good to see you back. Glad you got moved all safe. Bet that was a job. Good to see you again. Hope you have a great week end. Take care.

  8. Hi ya, Lucy! We sure have missed you...and Simba too! We're glad you are all moved now and everything went fine...well, 'cept for those pink claw covers that didn't stay on!! Our mom gets us those cardboard scratchy thingeys and we love to scratch them to pieces!!

    We're so happy you'll be blogging again...even if it's on the weekends! oxoxoxox

  9. So glad to see and hear from you! Glad you are settling in. Thanks for stopping by my new home. I have to admit Folgers instant is not bad.
    My mom had knee replacement surgery in hopes of eliminating the daily pain she was in. Once she is healed hopefully she will be able to be more active!

  10. Hi Lucy and Simba!
    We have missed you both and are so happy to see you back!
    ♥ Lucy and ☼ Sunny

  11. you're worth waiting for sweetheart.

  12. We are so glad you guys are getting settled in okay. And no worry, we will be glad to see you on the weekends then! Heck, we'll be glad to see you anytime!

    So we want to be sure and thank you for coming to Pungy's Birthday Party! We are so glad you enjoyed all the yummy noms! And oh wow, that crinkle ball was just a world of fun! And that Party was some of the best nom-noms we had in the whole party! Thank you so much for bringing it too!

    You have a good weekend, get your Mom to rest on the weekend too. We understand she works hard. We'll see you later. Take care (((Hugs))).

  13. Yay! So nice to see you both. We missed you guys!

  14. We are happy to see you posting! We have missed you! Grammy's are wonderful people! Ours is!!

    Hey! My mom is always commenting on my weight!

  15. So Good to see you back Lucy! What an adventure you & Simba have had, but hope you're settling into you're new surroundings!
    Take care, Big Hug!

  16. Bonjour Lucy and Simba,
    It's so nice to see you back at blogland!
    I've missed you so much.Glad that everything is okay in your new place.
    I'm waiting to know more about there and see your pictures,
    love you friends,
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

    *** Please dear Lucy, say thanks to your sweet mammy for her comments and kind visits.

  17. I don't know if we've been getting your updates, so we'll pay more attention. We've not been on a lot lately so we're hoping to catch up.
    I look fat in my photos too. Sweet Lucy, you look a lot like me, Mom thinks.
    xoxo Kassey


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