Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still Thankful

Hi there!

Did any of you or your beans go shopping yesterday for the Black Friday deals?  Mine didn't.  Mama doesn't really like to shop, but she did go shopping for cat stuff.  Our cat sitter is doing a pet drive for a local shelter. Mama bought a bunch of food and treats, etc. for the kitties that have to stay there until they get their forever homes. I was in a shelter before Mama adopted me. I wish there weren't so many homeless animals!  I'm so blessed to have my home and wish they all had homes too.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  1. Happy Caturday, gorgeous Lucy. Neither of us came from a shelter, although Andy was found on the shoulder of a busy street by our mama....he was only about a week old!!!!!!!

    We purray for all the homeless kitties....that they would find wonderful loving homes.

    We luvya, Lucy and Mom.

  2. You sure do have a nice Mama Lucy!

  3. Lucy, we wish the same thing as you. Your Mama is a Good Human for giving to the shelter kitties!

  4. Little Chestnut was also in a shelter..If I could, I would adopt many and many homeless cats!
    No black friday here, because no Thanksgiving! :) but soon, three long weeks of shopping for the poor ones that don't know how to get organised! :))))
    I wish a nice week-end to the whole family!

  5. That was so nice of your mom to shop for the kitties!

    We don't have Black Friday here in Canada, of course, though A LOT of Canadians head across the border every year to get the deals! There's a huge discrepancy in prices on such things as electronics/computers, or so we're told, and we hear it IS worth it.

  6. Gracious Lucy, is that you? You're nice and trim. I'm also thankful you have a wonderful home where you are loved. Many kitties are not so lucky.

  7. Did that petsitter make you do lots of kitteh stairmaster coz you do be looking quite svelte there gurlfurrend! Well, mom sayed the car not be leaving the driveway yesterday and it did not. It do be crazee out there on Black Furiday and we wants no part in it!

  8. Oh Lucy, words full of love and wisdom here.Your mommy is really adorable!
    I'm purring for these kitties that don't have families in this moment.I wish they can find a nice home soon!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

    *** In Luxembourg there isn't anything like black Friday shops and so on.

  9. Hi Lucy, you look great especially with that Christmasy collar on the header.

  10. Lucy, You have a really great mom. And that might be a great christmas for all friends in the shelter. We wish they find a good forever home like you do. and hope you have a great fun day

  11. And Lucy,

    I just know you were a rescued cat. We have a a special page in our blog call " We Support Rescued Breed " and I link your blog in this page and hope you don't mind : )

    Everyday Mr Puddy: We Support Rescued Breed

  12. Yes, may they ALL get good homes this week.

  13. I love your new header! It's beautiful. And it's really kind of your mummy to go shopping for the shelter animals.

  14. Mom doesn't go shopping on Black Friday! But she did go to the local thrift store which is her favorite store! There were no Black Friday deals there... just the every day lucky to find it there kind of stuff!

    We like that Christmas picture of you! Can we share a cookie with you?

  15. Lucy your Mama was very kind to shop for the kitties who need homes. It would be wonderful if all shelter cats could have homes.
    We really like your header.
    Our mama avoided Black Friday. She went shoppping today. No presents for us yet. We peeked and it was all for the humans.

  16. Hi Lucy! I so love your Christmas lounge! My mom hasn't been feeling so well the past couple of weeks so we haven't been around to all the blogs we follow. Mom says she is good to go now. My mom and dad take a ginormous bag of cat food and a ginormous bag of dogfood to the local shelter every Christmas too. My mom makes my dad take the bags in as she cannot bear to see/hear all the animals in there! It makes her so sad. Guess what, my mom took care of my nephew pup Bode for a week. He is a goldendoodle and four months old. I had nothing to do with him at dare he try to sleep on my parents bed?? And follow my mom everywhere?? and get special treats too...hmpf. Hope all is well with you and your parents.

  17. That was very nice of you to do for other pets. Our Mom worked but she is home today ahd we are happy!

  18. I wish they all had homes too Lucy

    you look very sweet in that photo

  19. Hi Lucy,
    My Mom has fallen behind (again)!
    My kitty sisters were adopted from a shelter, in fact Mom told me that I am the only animal she's ever had that didn't come from one. But if I hadn't happened along, she was going to adopt a dog.
    We are lucky to have love and a warm home.
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)


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